The Achievement Academy provides multi-faceted mentoring, counseling and training programs, which assist African American male youth from 9 to 18 years of age. The primary focus is on the development of life skills and educational accomplishment.

The Achievement Academy serves as a vehicle to allow our students to learn about key life related topics that they may not be receiving in the traditional school curriculum. The program exposes the students to positive activities and inspires them to achieve academic excellence. A secondary objective of the Academy is to counsel parents in developing a motivated student. To ensure the success of our program, the students’ academic accomplishments are monitored for recognition and reward. It is our hope to expand our services at the Achievement Academy to include programs that consider placing a technology lab at our location to allow the community to come and get “work ready” training, go online to search for career opportunities, partner with other non-profit organizations to provide space for their activities and work with the Mayor’s Office of Communication to assist first and second offenders in their effort to become gainfully employed and infuse themselves back in to society as rehabilitated functional adults.

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